1% Extra Newsletter 06-01-23

The 1% Podcast – Joe Mechlinksi

Welcome to The 1% Extra Newsletter where we aim to bring you the best and most relevant performance advice there is. This mission begins with The 1% Podcast, a source of insights and lessons from some of the best thinkers in their field of performance. Our latest guest on The 1% Podcast is bestselling author, speaker and social entrepreneur Joe Mechlinksi. We also try to make the best writing on performance available to you with our own weekly article and in links to further recommended reading. 

Change the way you work to transform the way you live

Felt your lifeforce draining when you thought about heading back to work after the Christmas break? “Work doesn’t have to be the enemy, work can be the way.” Joe Mechlinksi.

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Self determination depends on healing old wounds

In this clip Joe refers to how in order for us to have self determination and indeed be better parents, we need to take the time to heal from any aversions we may have experienced in our lives.

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Understanding the vagus nerve can give us greater control of our lives

The vagus nerve controls our heart rate, immune system, gut and brain modulation. Understanding how this nerve operates can give us greater control of our hearts and minds.

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Insight of the Week

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved”

William Jennings Bryan

New Year’s resolutions: How to make them useful
by Shay Dalton

“There’s something endearing in the lofty aspirations we wheel out each January, unkeepable promises that our poor future selves are made to feel slovenly for not fulfilling until we get the chance to do it all over again this time next year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are more reasonable targets we can set ourselves – and more practical ways we can go about achieving them – so that when the chiming bells usher us into 2024, we can look back at our year and say we really did something worthwhile with it.”

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