1% Extra Newsletter 7-10-22

The 1% Podcast – Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson specialises in the application of psychology and neuroscience to marketing. His work explores the science behind brand loyalty, experiential marketing and consumer decision making. He is the author of the best-selling consumer psychology book ‘Blindsight: The (mostly) hidden ways marketing reshapes our brains’, and recently published ‘Branding That Means Business’. 

The shift from brand values to brand meaning

Matt explores the recent seismic shift of consumer focus from brand values to brand meaning and brand identity.   

2 mins

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Consumer marketing – a force of good or not?

When a product evolves from tangible to virtual, our psychological connection with that product changes too. 

6 mins

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On neuromarketing to attract more customers

Using the results of a wine experiment as an example Matt demonstrates how our reality is not extremely tainted by our perception.

1 min

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Insight of the Week

“None of us does everything right. None of us is so wise that we always speak the right word or so strong that we always do the right thing. Remembering this keeps us humble.”

Charles Stanley

by Shay Dalton

“We all know that teamwork and cohesion are useful in a team or work environment. But when taken too far, at times groupthink can evolve and have negative consequences”. In this article I attempt to identify the signs of groupthink to look out for and how to reduce the possibility of it happening in your workplace.

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