1% Extra Newsletter 11-11-22

The 1% Podcast – Des Bishop

Our latest guest is Irish/American comedian Des Bishop. Des’s TV series ‘The Des Bishop Work Experience’ (2004) became one of the most talked-about of the year, and propelled him into national stardom. His standup career has similarly thrived. We speak about those who inspired and supported him, how he goes about writing jokes, handling hecklers, learning languages and facing life’s ups and downs.

The journey of a joke

Des talks about the process he goes through when writing jokes for standup and touches on how live performance gets him into peak flow state.

5 mins

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On learning Chinese

Having already mastered Irish Des moved onto the Chinese language, he explains why he felt so compelled to learn and perform standup in Chinese.

7 mins

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On comedy and therapy

Many of us use comedy as way to handle life’s ups and downs but there comes a point when it can mask vulnerabilities rather than help us deal with them.

2 mins

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Insight of the Week

“The common misconception is that motivation leads to action but the reverse is true “action proceeds motivation”

Robert McCain

The Benefits of Silence in Our Professional Lives
by Shay Dalton

“Among the holistic factors that impact job performance may be something that many of us do not acknowledge or take little notice of but matters considerably. That is our ability to mediate our environment and self-generate calm through silence. Without it, we may allow mental fatigue, creative stagnation, and distraction to influence our decisions and output.”

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