1% Extra Newsletter 13-01-23

The 1% Podcast – Joe Mechlinksi

Welcome to The 1% Extra Newsletter where we aim to bring you the best and most relevant performance advice there is. This mission begins with The 1% Podcast, a source of insights and lessons from some of the best thinkers in their field of performance. Our latest guest on The 1% Podcast is bestselling author, speaker and social entrepreneur Joe Mechlinksi. We also try to make the best writing on performance available to you with our own weekly article and in links to further recommended reading. 

Why 70% of employees don’t feel passionate about their jobs

Joe delves into why he believes 70% of employees are not committed mentally or emotionally to their work and how we can go about moving the dial on this stat.

4 mins

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How to prevent the feeling of apathy setting in at work

Joe explores various tactics we can deploy to avoid the common pitfall of feeling apathetic about our work. One of these is to come up with 25 reasons why we do what we do.

2 mins

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Will people driven workplaces withstand commercial pressure?

Joe shares his thoughts as to whether he feels businesses will continue to be people focussed even if the profit margins from such focus begins to plateau.

2 mins

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Insight of the Week

“Every thought a person dwells upon, whether he expresses it or not, either damages or improves his life.”

Lucy Mallory

Emotional intelligence and engaging others
by Shay Dalton

“What if we approached mental fitness the way we approach physical fitness? That is to say, conceiving it as necessary and making it a priority. What would that regime entail if it were a daily act, and what might be gained as a result? What if we resituated emotionality in our profession as a catalytic force, not a disruptive one? Thus, shifting the workplace from a rational environment to a place of outward feeling and engagement. The answer to all these questions is related to the development and implementation of emotional intelligence.”

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