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1% Extra Newsletter 25-11-22

Written by Shay Dalton

Dr Libby Sander is an expert on work, the workplace, society and future trends in organisations. She is Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bond University, the founder and director of the Future of Work Project and Rethink, and an Agenda Contributor at the World Economic Forum. Libby is regularly featured on The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, BBC, The Guardian, and is a feature writer for The Conversation.

1% Extra Newsletter 18-11-22

Written by Shay Dalton

“Among the holistic factors that impact job performance may “Many know this but may not want to hear it. The concept may be anathema to your sense of being and thinking, and you may not even be willing to process the possibility in your workplace. Nevertheless, let’s talk about it. No matter how cautious, discerning, motivated, prepared, and skilled you are—failure is inevitable. So why does it happen, and why are we afraid of it?” 

1% Extra Newsletter 11-11-22

Written by Shay Dalton

Our latest guest is Irish/American comedian Des Bishop. Des’s TV series ‘The Des Bishop Work Experience’ (2004) became one of the most talked-about of the year, and propelled him into national stardom. His standup career has similarly thrived. We speak about those who inspired and supported him, how he goes about writing jokes, handling hecklers, learning languages and facing life’s ups and downs.