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The 1% Podcast – Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is an individual whose unconventional life journey has been marked by numerous successes in various fields. From his early days as a promising young athlete to becoming an entrepreneur and co-founder of the renowned, multi-Cannes-winning creative agency Rothco, which was later acquired by Accenture in 2017, Paul has consistently demonstrated a unique and innovative approach to life. Today, he is an internationally acclaimed artist.

Paul’s creative process and first ever art show

Paul explains his creative process, how natural landscapes, air and light inspire his work and the experiential aspect of his first show.

4 mins

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How fear can be our biggest enemy

Paul references the times in his life when fear has held him back which he still regrets today and he speaks about how art has given him the courage to face these fears.

3 mins

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Capturing the wonder of nature through art

Paul reveals what he loves about the act of painting, the way the paints changes when they’re drying and how his work reflects nature’s continuous state of change.

4 mins

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Worth Thinking About

“People get fearful en masse. Confidence comes back one at a time.” 

Warren Buffet

The Office Window Seat: A Scientific Explanation for its Popularity

by Steering Point Partner Shay Dalton

“The coveted office window seat has been the subject of much debate and envy among coworkers. But why is it so popular? As it turns out, science has a lot to say about our preference for this prime piece of real estate. From enhancing productivity and creativity to benefiting physical health, the perks of a window seat go far beyond the view.”

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