Board Placements

The revolutionary aspects of digitisation and globalisation have meant, among other things, limitless intensification of competition.

That applies to expanded markets and finite resources, but above all else, your ability to stand out in a hyper-saturated marketplace. We bolster sales and marketing strategies through cutting-edge multi-disciplinary results-based executive management. More and more, that means dynamic, malleable and responsive leaders. 

We assess your needs and identify elite candidates tailored to your structure and culture. That means every mandate is a customised brief that addresses your objectives and organisation alone. Our consultants look at and beyond metrics to hone in on candidates who match your criteria completely and will adapt seamlessly. Ensuring things such as cultural fit, we seek to promote stability in an uncertain business climate and professional landscape.

Our Focus Areas


The granular detail of our search briefs belongs solely to the organisations and markets they are attached to, thereby maximising effectiveness and generating immediate impact. To this end, we utilise our expertise first and foremost, but a cooperative and holistic framework is at the heart of our engagements. We work hand-in-hand with you. This approach enables us to look at and beyond orthodox candidates to differentiate ideal from exemplary ones. 


One of the functions of the highest tiers of management is to represent an entity with authenticity and integrity and concretise its ideological character through the actions and decisions of board members and CEOs. Sharing this mindset, the people in our selective and varied talent pool will uphold your exacting standards because they are their own, supporting their transition and stimulating a seamless integration into your business or organisation.


Stability during turbulent times is everything. If you have it and the requisite elasticity within your leadership base, you will outlast the whim of markets or manage social and geopolitical disruption well. However, you must also be answerable to change and pluralise your boardroom with diversity, equity and inclusivity as contributing factors. Because institutional assuredness emanates from board members and CEOs, we account for all these considerations.