Culture Assessment

Measuring your team or organisational culture to provide tangible solutions.

This is for teams or organisations looking to establish a baseline metric to their culture. There is an overwhelming agreement in research to the importance of culture in driving performance. Understanding your culture to make it an essential asset is game changing – what motivates your team, where improvement is needed and what are the specific areas to sustain. All enabling a culture roadmap towards development and high performance.


With our colleagues from the Barrett Values Centre in the UK we diagnose your culture across two combining methods:

Quantitative Research

We ask your people three simple values based questions via a survey. Quantitatively understanding where your top 10 values lie allows are greater understanding of operating behaviours, motivations and desires associated. Our survey clearly identify three aspects: Your Personal values, Current culture values, Desired culture values.

qualitative research

The data is then validated through smaller qualitative focus groups with a sub section of your people for further interpretation. This allows us to pinpoint where to focus efforts and why. Understanding of areas of alignment and areas of misalignment provides a specific and tangible cultural roadmap for your people.

I had the pleasure of working with Jonny throughout our culture transformation. Jonny has an analytical mind and can “diagnose”, while he crucially has many lived experiences to disect complex issues and people’s thoughts to suggest incisive solutions.

Head of Transformation