Profiling & Assessment

Our assessment process identifies the leaders that will increase performance and retention, and deliver on your organisation’s vision and goals. We profile for the type of leadership that will match future requirements of the role and that is specific to your business needs. 

Our Focus Areas


We know it takes a high level of performance to keep up with the demands of today’s business world. That’s why it’s essential to have the right people who can maintain steady revenue and growth amidst a constantly changing environment.


Our initial assessment ensures we find the right people with leadership traits that will help your organisation succeed. We can predict how a leader will perform through measures that assess their ability to adapt and evolve in an executive role and how they can reach their full potential.

Tools and tactics

  • In-depth analytics to source talent that matches our leadership framework.
  • Senior assessment experts, tools, and understanding of global business and leadership trends.
  • Use of psychometric measures to identify diverse profiles for leaders and gaps in the organisation.