Profiling & Assessment

At Steering Point, our core business is cultivating and sourcing top-tier talent to match our client’s unique needs. We believe that traditional assessments only scratch the surface of what makes a great leader.

Our innovative executive search team uses an assessment model that goes beyond the surface level to highlight underlying leadership qualities that are not easily quantified.

Our ultimate goal is the same as our clients: to increase overall performance and retention through recruitment and personnel choices that align with their values and objectives. We recognise that ‘fit’ can mean many things and that coherence factors are just as important as talent when it comes to driving success. That’s why we focus on three crucial areas: performance and current skillsets, forecasting and future potential, and tactical alignment.

By blending these streams through deliberation and mapping out how candidates will transition into a specific role and professional environment, we provide our clients with a comprehensive solution that ensures the right fit for their needs. At Steering Point, we’re committed to using innovative assessment models and a people-centric approach to deliver top-tier talent that will drive success and growth for our clients.

Our Focus Areas


At Steering Point, we recognise that candidates must be able to hit the ground running and negotiate the demands of a volatile and uncompromising business field. That’s why we place a premium on identifying top-tier talent who can maintain and increase present performance levels and stakeholder return with little to no drop-off.

Our assessment model and search process are designed to identify candidates who have the experience, skills, and expertise needed to succeed from day one. We recognise that performance is a critical component of success, and we’re dedicated to finding candidates who can deliver results and drive growth for our clients. At Steering Point, our focus on performance ensures that every candidate we place is prepared to take on the challenges of the modern business landscape and succeed at the highest levels.

Future-focussed leadership

At Steering Point, we recognise that sustained success requires a long-term view and a commitment to identifying leaders who can meet the future requirements of their roles. We understand that today’s decisions and actions are critical to achieving long-term success, and nothing underscores this point more than recruitment.

We understand that success in executive search and leadership advisory requires a thorough understanding of each client’s unique needs and a comprehensive assessment of potential candidates. Our team of experts employs a data-driven, people-centric approach to identify top-tier talent who possess the necessary skills, experience, and potential to succeed in their current roles and drive long-term growth and success for their organisations.

At Steering Point, our commitment to identifying potential doesn’t stop at research. We utilise a variety of proprietary tools and methods to assess candidates’ potential and development capabilities, ensuring that our clients have access to top-tier talent who can succeed in their current roles and grow and evolve alongside their organisation.

Our people-centric approach strongly emphasises understanding candidates’ individual goals and aspirations, and our search process is tailored to identify opportunities that align with these ambitions. By taking a holistic view of a candidate’s experience, skills, cultural fit, and potential for growth, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution that ensures a successful outcome from the start.

Through our Leadership Styles, psychometric profiling, and transition coaching, we provide our clients with a unique and personalised assessment process that helps identify potential and development capabilities beyond just technical qualifications. Our approach sets us apart from our peers, and our success in identifying and placing leaders who have demonstrated long-term success and growth potential is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Tactical alignment

At Steering Point, we appreciate that whilst analytics play a significant role in recruitment, they alone are not enough. It’s the human interpretation that gives meaning to the numbers. Our senior assessment experts combine dynamic psychometric tools with their invaluable first-hand experience and field expertise to create a leadership matrix that aligns with your needs and global business trends.

We understand that every company has unique requirements, and our tailored approach ensures we identify the right talent to propel your organisation forward. Our psychometric tools enable us to make data-driven decisions while taking into account the diverse range of human factors that influence the hiring process. By blending quantitative analysis with qualitative insights, we provide you with a comprehensive assessment of each candidate, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions that align with your business objectives.

We believe in the power of tactical alignment and work closely with our clients to ensure that our recruitment strategies align with their broader business objectives. Our dynamic and flexible approach to recruitment allows us to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition and deliver customised solutions that meet your unique needs.