Financial & Capital Markets

The economic environment is changing rapidly: inflation is decelerating; interest rates may be near their peak; the US debt ceiling crisis has not materialised; and markets everywhere are buzzing about generative AI. For many reasons such as digitalisation, decarbonisation, and renewed focus on value creation, these factors are combining to create dynamic market conditions that will produce growth opportunities and the right conditions for a buoyant Investment Banking market over the coming months and years.

Our dedicated global team of consultants is fluent in the complex issues affecting the industry and helps clients find talented professionals who are capable of excelling in this rapidly evolving environment.

Focus Areas

Mergers & Acquisitions

The M&A activity of the near future may not be the megadeals of recent experience, which have dropped since peaking in 2021, but rather a wider composition of mid-market deals as companies pursues their growth strategies. These smaller deals are an important factor in driving change and growth. While cash-rich companies remain well positioned to make larger M&A plays, we see mid-market transactions playing a major part in coming months as CEOs use a strategy of both acquisitions and select divestitures to position their portfolios for the future.

Global Equities

The stock market is entering the second half of 2023 with positive momentum, which traditionally bodes well for returns for the rest of the year. The S&P 500 could be on track for its best annual performance since 2019. Global equities remain sensitive to the future path of interest rates and global growth. However, many countries are better positioned today with healthier finances and proactive central bankers, all the wiser after past bouts of high inflation.