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Welcome to the Steering Point Newsletter where we aim to bring you the best and most relevant performance advice there is. This mission begins with The 1% Podcast, a source of insights and lessons from some of the best thinkers in their field of performance. We also try to make the best writing on performance available to you with two weekly articles written by the Steering Point team.


What We Recorded

Exploring the Perfect Fit: Insights on Workplace Culture and Personal Growth with Dr. André Martin

Dr André Martin is an organisational psychologist and author of the book ‘Wrong Fit, Right Fit – Why How We Work Matters More Than Ever’. It seeks to solve the crisis of commitment in the modern workplace, positing that the issue isn’t good or bad culture, but the fit between our ideal way of working day-to-day and that of the companies we join.

He has spent over 20 years as the Chief Talent Officer of iconic brands such as Mars, Nike, Google, and Target. Now, acting as an operating advisor, coach, and consultant, André continues to counsel leaders and founders to peak performance.

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Podcast Highlights

Why Onboarding Often Fails

“When I was talking to those 100+ interviewees, the thing they went back to time and time again was there was a big difference between what I was recruited into and what it felt like to work there day to day.”

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The Demands of Modern Workers

“I see someone on social media who looks like me, has the same background as me, the same education as me and they look like they have a better job, at a better company, better pay so there’s a little bit of infinite browsing happening that we didn’t have to face before.”

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What to do when in a Wrong Fit Scenario

“It’s easy for people to jump really quick if they’re in an environment that doesn’t feel right, the first thing I’d say to anybody is stop, take a deep breath, take 3 steps back and think about what you’re going to solve for in the next opportunity.”

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What We Ran

Leadership Masterclass with Jonny Cooper and Minister Paschal Donohoe

At last week’s Steering Point Leadership Masterclass “Minister Paschal Donohue was able to impart his depth of knowledge and experience in an intimate manner. From the positive feedback received so far it is evident that our clients and friends walked away with something very special.”

Steering Point Director of Leadership & Talent Development, Jonny Cooper

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What We Wrote

Elite Team Cohesion

“Cohesion is pivotal to the success of any effective organisation. It is the means by which teams work in unison towards a shared objective, each member working closely with and bouncing off their colleagues to contribute to a larger goal.”

Steering Point Director of Leadership & Talent Development, Jonny Cooper

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Mastering Change and Complexity: Strategic Leadership in an Uncertain Business World

“In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of contemporary business, understanding VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity – is crucial for any organisation aspiring to survive and thrive. This section delves into these elements, weaving together real-world examples and strategic insights.”

By Steering Point Partner & Founder, Shay Dalton

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What We Read

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