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Welcome to the Steering Point Newsletter where we aim to bring you the best and most relevant performance advice there is. This mission begins with The 1% Podcast, a source of insights and lessons from some of the best thinkers in their field of performance. We also try to make the best writing on performance available to you with two weekly articles written by the Steering Point team.


What We Recorded

Top Insights to Build and Sustain a Global Brand with Sharon Lechter

On this special episode we have Johnny Cooper as the guest host, who is the Director of Leadership and Talent Development at Steering Point Advisory. He is joined by special guest Sharon Lechter, an entrepreneur, international speaker, mentor, best-selling author, philanthropist, licensed CPA for the last 35 years and a chartered global management accountant.

Sharon coauthored the international best-seller ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, which developed into a leading personal finance brand in the world. Sharon was then asked by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to help re-energise the powerful teachings of Napoleon Hill, releasing 3 best-selling books in cooperation with the foundation.

Sharon was appointed as the 1st president of the United States Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. The council served under both President Bush and Obama, advising them on financial literacy and education. In this episode, we talk about her journey including the mantra her dad taught her many years ago, business decisions versus life decisions, visiting the White House, her personal success equation, and working with the likes of Disney, Warner Brothers, and Sesame Street.

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Podcast Highlights

Empathetic Vs Hard Line Leadership

“Leadership comes from within. If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead someone else…it’s bringing out the best in the people that you’re working with. Not dictating but inspiring.”

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Being Your Own Beacon of Light

“We live in a world where people are so moved by what other people think of them, we’re so afraid of missing out. And by doing that we give up our power. We say things like I’m waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I go, stop it, create your own light.”

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Mentorship Vs Education

“If you want an advantage, the advantage is having the right mentor, somebody that can help you see opportunities, help create opportunities, getting you in the right rooms.”

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What We Wrote

The Dangers of Playing it Safe

“To stop playing it safe, companies need to reassess their relationship with risk. Of course risk can bring failure. But those failures don’t need to be failures. Through a shift in mindset, they can instead be viewed as opportunities for learning.”

By Steering Point Founder & Partner, Shay Dalton

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Cultivating Quality Relationships through Leader-Member Exchange

“Leader Member Exchange (LMX) is a theory which focuses on the quality of the relationship between superior (leader) and subordinate (employee). The theory supports an ingroup, midgroup and outgroup. Employees within the ingroup may experience higher levels of LMX which is linked to increased confidence and positive relations; whilst outgroup interactions are characterised by low trust and minimal support.”

By Steering Point Research Associate, Aine Gallagher

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What We Read

Why Biodiversity Is Good for Your Mental Health

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How to reimagine success at work

How We Supported Masterclass Sessions

“I found the Masterclass session with Minister Paschal Donohue to be both highly informative and impactful to me. Although I have attended many similar events over the years the insights shared within the room were particularly profound. Jonny and the Steering Point team did a great job at facilitating the knowledge sharing session.”

Director of High Performance

Our bespoke high impact leadership programme, developed by Steering Point’s Leadership & Talent Development Director, Jonny Cooper is targeted at high potentials, team leaders, function leaders and senior leaders.

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