Game Changer: Mindset Mastery with Christian Straka

Christian Straka is a mental performance coach and has been working in professional sports for over 30 years, during which time he has been training World Champions across different sports and developed a unique approach through methodologies for applying evidence-based mindfulness techniques in sports to optimize performance. 

He has worked with world champions in various sports, including former world #1 tennis player Victoria Azarenka and world #10 Andrea Petkovic. He was the personal coach for both, and when Mike Bryan won the ATP Tour World Championship in 2018, he employed Christian as his mental performance coach.  

His unique approach to mindset training has yielded transferable skills and results across different sports but might also transcend sporting competition and can be applied holistically in anyone’s life.


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03:48 The impact of the wave of household names in tennis who are retiring

06:03 The effect on the body and mind as a professional tennis player

07:40 Why are US players, males specifically, not as successful as they once were?

13:18 How much time do tennis players spend breaking down what their opponents are doing?

18:35 How is tennis evolving?

22:22 The journey from athlete to coach 

29:36 What is mental performance coaching?

43:01 How to incorporate the Three C’s (Concentration, Clarity, Coolness) into your own life

51:15 Recognising the benefits of implementing the Three C’s

01:01:53 Why are some people more coachable than others?

01:07:38 The Performance Paradox

01:09:37 Exciting new findings from academia and research in the area of mindfulness training

01:16:39 The Mindsize training and coaching programme

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