Phases & Approach

At Steering Point, we recognise that effective recruitment starts with a comprehensive understanding of the position in question.

Prior to sourcing and delivery, we work closely with our clients to establish the scope of the role through an in-depth assessment. This includes identifying stakeholders, situating the position within the organisational structure, delineating duties and responsibilities, and specifying the competencies and skillsets required.

Our approach emphasises candid and continuous communication with clients, enabling us to adhere to industry best practices and comply with relevant legislation. We utilise this approach to gather information and gain complete clarity around the position and your company culture, which assists us in mapping out the search criteria.

Once we have completed the information gathering and confirmed the brief, we move on to the next phase and rapidly identify suitable candidates for selection. We propose a six-step approach to sourcing and delivery that we believe is crucial to our success.

Our methodology involves a meticulous approach to candidate identification, a thorough screening process, and in-depth competency interviews that enable us to assess technical competencies, cultural fit, and the individual’s potential for growth within the organisation. Our team prides itself on our deep commitment to delivering the best possible outcome for our clients, and our six-step approach allows us to achieve this.

The Six-Step Approach

1) Investigating & defining

Discovery briefings play a crucial role in our approach. They help us to identify the necessary skills, experience, and competencies for the position, which we then use to refine our assessment criteria.

2) identifying & Searching

Our in-house research team utilises a combination of traditional techniques such as headhunting, networking, and talent mapping, as well as next-generation search tools and targeted advertising campaigns. We synthesise these methods to maintain a reasonable geographical field, reducing lead times while increasing the potential for uncovering high-quality candidates.

3) assessing & QuALIFYING

Our consultants employ a range of qualification assessments, including competency-based and technical questions, to determine a candidate’s suitability. We consider how closely they match the search matrix’s criteria and how they can utilise their outlying professional capital to make unexpected gains for your business. The cultural fit between the individual and the organisation is also considered during this phase.


We present clients with a review of the search matrix, and a shortlist of candidates whose skillsets, resumes, and values match it. Our clients receive detailed candidate profiles, a technical report of their scores relative to the matrix, and supporting material that may be beneficial. We schedule a meeting to discuss the field and address clients’ questions.


We handle the candidate-side interview process on behalf of our clients, including scheduling, arranging travel, and providing feedback after each interview. We ensure that candidates are informed, personally invested, and comfortable throughout the process.


We manage the full-offer process, including counteroffers and post-offer support, and act as a mediator between the client and candidate, managing expectations and ensuring harmony. We support candidates throughout their notice period until their start date, and collect feedback from interviewees about their experiences, noting any concerns that could impact future searches.

Our six-step approach enables us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients whilst providing a seamless and comprehensive service throughout the recruitment process.