High Performing Teams

Optimising team performance is critical in our hybrid working world.
We support our clients in several ways, including to:

The Process


Collaborating with you to gain clarity on 3 main areas:

a) Context
b) Opportunities
c) Objectives

Evidence based

We utilise a combination of evidence based and applied insights to custom design your programme end to end. Including the appropriate modules, key frameworks and learning strategies.


We facilitate each workshop to provide learning through experience. We employ a blend of formal and informal methods to accelerate learnings and behaviour change.

Behavioural change

We want to ensure that teams sustain behavioural change. Each of our programme modules have development plans and follow up support through our community of practice.

Our High Performing Teams framework © helps us to pursue excellence with our clients

I feel that Jonny is a consummate professional and it is through his guidance our team has turned a corner. The bespoke programme that was developed and delivered is of consistent quality and offers valuable insights into a new road forward. The team and I personally look forward to continued direction/ collaboration with Steering Point.

Senior Global Director