Our Story

Our consultants come from industry backgrounds. That means they know first-hand the challenges you’re facing. 

Choosing your top-level company executives is the single most important decision any company will make. The selection of a CEO, CFO, HR Director, or Partner has a profound impact on a company’s strategy, its execution, and, ultimately, its business and financial performance.

We have led some of the most complex and high-profile C-level mandates through a commitment to original, detailed research, leveraging various tools and utilising our consultants’ extensive and well established networks.

This commitment to quality and care has built our reputation as one of the best search firms in Dublin and positioned us as trusted advisors and valuable business partners.

It is from this position of experience and expertise that we are fully confident in our ability to influence and represent your business and its stakeholders to the high-performing C-level community.

Track record

20 years experience executing C-level mandates

Trusted partner for a large number of high-profile clients

22% Growth year on year since 2012

85% of new mandates are repeat customers

Our consultants are some of the most exceptional thought leaders with in-house industry experience. That means they know the challenges you’re facing, the industry trends, and are uniquely placed to help advise you, assess candidates, and build lasting relationships.

We are also fully committed to working in partnership with our clients to better represent our communities. That means better diversity of gender, race, background, skills, and experience in the talent we source.

Our values