Sales & Marketing

The revolutionary aspects of digitisation and globalisation have meant, among other things, limitless intensification of competition. That applies to expanded markets and finite resources, but above all else, your ability to stand out in a hyper-saturated marketplace.

We bolster sales and marketing strategies through cutting-edge multi-disciplinary results-based executive management. More and more, that means dynamic, malleable and responsive leaders. 

Putting together elite leadership bodies is pivotal but has been complicated by a fluctuating professional landscape. During a time of tremendous change and a scarcity of human resources, you must enhance visibility, strengthen flexibility and have access to top-class and uncommon talent to utilise every competitive advantage and achieve peak potential.

Our Focus Areas


Options are virtually limitless in a truly global marketplace. So standing out in the crowd to reach customers or candidates takes work. Parallelly, outsourcing proclivities and shared technological gains among external recruiters mean fewer differentials are in play. Many members of the Steering Point team have marketing and sales backgrounds and know this crowded arena well. They also know that performance hinges upon achieving maximal visibility.


Synthesising search analytics, holistic considerations, comprehensive research and experiential foresight, our consultants introduce more flexibility into your teams by highlighting executives who augment and broaden existing competencies and skillsets. Given both the stakes and market inconsistencies, clients and investors want to be sure they are in safe hands. Leadership teams that are dependable and pliable are a core element of effective supervision.


We work in a borderless framework to keep pace with the rate of change in the neoteric professional era. Ideal candidates may be harder to find under these overarching conditions, but this should not be an impediment. Instead, it is an advantage for those who cast a more extensive net. The same borderlessness that has redefined recruitment has empowered us to unearth high-performing and uncommon talents proving to be key difference-makers in every industry.