Executive Search

A successful board must be as diverse as your organisation.

Our Focus Areas


The primary area of service we provide to our clients is executive search.  Through the use of our expertise, we assist clients in finding the best people, building successful teams, and generating value for shareholders.  We specialise in searches for senior executives, boards, and C-Suites and as part of our executive search service, we identify exceptional leaders who are in tune with your market and company culture. We aim to find and develop the best leaders in the global marketplace, and by utilising our expertise, companies across every industry are able to recruit leadership at all levels,  Our consultants are committed to finding not just the obvious candidates but those who are less known .  For our clients, we have developed a completely unique search experience – one that builds on how search should work, not just how it has historically worked.


With more than 20 years of experience in executive search, Steering Point’s team knows what it takes to put together an effective board director hiring strategy. We also know that no one person has all the different types of expertise a modern business needs, which is why recruiting a board which represents a diverse set of perspectives and backgrounds is more critical than ever.


Our clients—who include many of the most prestigious and innovative organisations in the world—trust us to find the right fit, wherever that search may take us. Steering Point’s board recruitment process is also deeply committed to diversity and inclusion and feel passionate about bringing the value of multiple views and differences into the boardroom.