Geographical Reach

At Steering Point, we understand that executive search must reach beyond national borders to find the best possible candidate for the job.

We leverage a blend of local and global search channels to source our candidates, maintaining strong connections with valuable networks in the US, Australia, and South America, while focusing on our firm’s core geographies of Ireland, the UK, and the EU.


Candidates conduct their initial screening videos at their discretion, which affords them control and comfort, leading to a more authentic and revealing process. This self-agency also makes the process more flexible for international candidates in different time zones, expanding our search pool and allowing us to locate the most qualified and befitting candidates for our clients, no matter where they are.

A global lens

At Steering Point, we embrace globalisation and digitisation, recognising that capable leaders are in greater demand than ever before. A global lens promotes a varied candidate pool for selection, both in terms of experience and qualifications, as well as from a cultural perspective. We understand that relocation can be a significant life alteration for some candidates, and our in-depth interview and onboarding process assists in considering cultural differences or different work practices candidates may experience when moving countries.

strategically boarderless

Our strategies are borderless out of necessity and ideology, and we are committed to locating the best possible candidate for our clients, no matter where they are. We believe that a diverse and global pool of candidates enhances our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes and ensure our clients’ continued success.