Steering Point Articles

Navigating New Leadership: A Guide for Employees when a Boss or CEO Changes

Written by Shay Dalton

“Successfully navigating a leadership transition requires a proactive approach to ensure continued productivity and career satisfaction. How do you build a relationship with a new leader? How do you help ensure a smooth transition? In the worst case scenario, how do you spot a leader who isn’t going to serve you and what can you do to counter that?”

Returning Refreshed: A Comprehensive Guide to a Smooth Post-Holiday Work Transition

Written by Shay Dalton

“Re-entry shock, holiday hangover, call it what you will. For a lot of us it’s hard to not be overwhelmed by the stark transition, harder still to actually hit the ground running. These return periods often result in a drop in productivity, a slump in mood, and a sense of disconnection. But there are ways to avoid the negative spiral a return to work can bring.”

Navigating Change at Twitter (X): Elon Musk’s Leadership and Its Impact on Organisational Culture and Employee Well-being

Written by Aine Gallagher

“Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter instigated significant changes, affecting employee well-being. Musk’s leadership style, blending directive methods with visionary elements, has had dual impacts on staff. His directive approach, focusing on immediate results and structural changes, has potentially heightened employee stress levels. Conversely, Musk’s vision aims to inspire and unite the workforce towards common goals (Tahir, 2015), which might alleviate some of this stress.”

The Fragility of Global Supply Chains, and What Comes Next

Written by Shay Dalton

“You wait half an hour for a bus and then two show up at once. So the saying goes, anyway. Well, for global supply chains, the saying can be amended to: you wait decades for debilitating geopolitical events (or farcical bad luck) to put established supply chains in jeopardy and then four come along at once. It’s not catchy, but it is accurate.”

The Benefits of Thinking Differently

Written by Shay Dalton

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

If that’s you, lean into your eccentricity –– there is greater value in it than in another empty vessel. If it’s not you, why not seek out the areas in which you are a little left of field? No one of us is the same. Perhaps you’ll find a niche trait there from which you can build.”

Pioneering Change : A Case Study of Jeff Bezos Transformational Leadership at Amazon

Written by Aine Gallagher

“Bezos’s transformative leadership has undeniably established a new paradigm in business, demonstrating how a leader’s vision can lead to unprecedented success. However, the complexity and scale of Amazon have revealed that such a leadership approach may have limitations, particularly in ensuring ethical labour practices across all levels of the organisation. As Amazon continues to grow, the balance between innovation and the ethical treatment of employees remains a pivotal area for leadership attention.”