Private Equity & Venture Capital

Steering Point’s specialist team find, assess and attract emerging talent in the Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) sectors, which are remaking business while seeking to respond to social and environmental issues. These changes have brought a renewed clarity of purpose, diverse perspectives, and lucrative potential. From leadership structure, succession planning and team building, we aid private capital investors to move toward more inclusive pathways and equitable practices at a point when PE and VC have witnessed dramatic fund inflows and investment activity.

Embracing change is a potent means of facilitating opportunity. This mindset is embedded into company cultures but permeates out from a leadership base. They are its concrete implementation. Similarly, societal concerns feed an ongoing professional evolution, and today’s modern leaders work adroitly within this added dimension. In PE and VC, these realities represent value. Addressing these challenges should bolster a plurality of ideas and people. Those who manage transformation well will be multipliers of success. 

Focus Areas


Competition and potential in this market are intensifying. Environmental and sustainability issues are coming to the forefront more and more. In particular, private capital funds and portfolio companies embrace these challenges to ensure operational efficiency and maximal profit, creating value for money. To that end, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) represents a moral and financial imperative. We help engender this mindset by instituting leadership cadres responsible for designing and implementing meaningful strategies to meet and utilise these challenges to their benefit and your gain.  


Our recruitment model is holistic and integrative, with an uncompromising eye on the value of human capital and bringing about a pluralised corporate leadership base. Responsible recruitment accounts for authenticity, integrity and diversity to facilitate the construction of equitable cultures, and these considerations are as important as competency. Similarly, inclusivity carries a competitive differential vis-à-vis social impact, especially in industries like PE and VC, which demands intercultural competence and networking abilities alongside standard intellectual and technical skill sets.


Proactive leaders possess competencies responsive to fluctuating market dynamics. This context places a premium on interpersonal capacities and the ability to act as dealmakers, investor relations professionals, operating partners and senior advisors. Leaders must support and elevate fund value from origination to exit and be remarkably consistent but ready to act. In this fluid marketplace, young, visionary talent is taking centre stage, and executive teams must manage their brightest stars carefully. Erecting synergic and culturally aligned leadership teams exteriorises invaluable professional commodities such as continuity and ingenuity.