Performance Coaching

We provide 1 to 1 coaching helping to maximise individual performance.

This is for team members, team leaders, middle managers and senior leaders seeking to develop their personal performance. Widely utilised, performance coaching is designed to understand how an individual can optimise their capacity. Our coaching approach helps drive productivity, improve personal effectiveness, increase intrinsic motivation and reach peak performance aligned to your clear purpose.

At Steering Point our experience shows us that true Performance = Potential – Interference.

Applying the proven FUEL coaching model we help individuals find their strengths, development areas and opportunities. By using a highly personable approach we help create a uniquely inspirational growth space.

FUEL Coaching Model


We first work with you to build up a clear trust and relationship allowing us to FRAME the conversation. Framing a conversation brings context, focus and elicits clear desired outcomes.


We then strive to UNDERSTAND your current state by self reflective awareness. Having a clear picture of the mechanics of a current context provides the foundation to move forward.


Once we understand the current state we seek to EXPLORE where you would like to go. By describing clear goals it enables an individual to think deeper. Helping best define the pathway ahead.


The last step on a performance coaching journey is to LAY out an action plan. This provides specific and time bound actions to achieve stated goals.