A Life Less Ordinary with Mark Little

Mark Little attended Trinity College Dublin before becoming an award-winning foreign correspondent and TV anchor for the national TV station RTÉ. He also presented the network’s top-rated current affairs programme, Prime Time, and was its first Washington correspondent. He has covered some of the biggest stories of the 21st century, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the election of Barack Obama.

In 2010 he took a leave of absence to establish Storyful, a social news agency that pioneered new models of verification and collaboration. He sold Storyful to News Corp in 2013 and went on to work with Twitter (now X), first as VP of Media Partnerships in Europe and later as MD. 

In 2016, he left that position to set up the digital news venture Kinzen (originally NevaLabs). Kinzen provides data and research to trust and safety professionals, content moderators and public policymakers, helping them deal with threats such as dangerous misinformation, hateful content, violent content, violent extremism and dangerous organisations. Kinzen was acquired by Spotify in 2022.


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02:42 The changes within news reporting and journalism

07:15 Advice to someone wanting to get into journalism

10:07 What role should journalism play in supporting democratic values? 

14:05 What is going to happen with AI?

19:14 The difference between management and leadership

24:10 Paying attention to people who weren’t made redundant in an organisation

28:17 Balancing alignment with vision and autonomy in the organisation

32:02 Maintaining your leadership whilst shifting between different ventures and company cultures

37:48 How to navigate a bureaucratic organisation as an entrepreneur

43:00 The challenge of communication and collaboration when not physically present together

47:28 The balance between introversion and extroversion in leadership roles

54:42 An overview of Kinzen and explain why Mark saw a fit with Spotify

01:00:22 Learning from journalism in conflict zones

01:05:24 What Mark Little does for downtime

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