Awakening Wisdom: Exploring the Legacy of Tony de Mello with Dr. Francis Valloor

Dr Francis Valloor is an author, international speaker and professional trainer who creates and conducts mindfulness and awareness workshops, seminars and courses in Ireland, India, the UK and USA. He is the author of ‘A Dewdrop in the Ocean – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times’ (2009) and ‘Seeing Your Face Without A Mirror – Mindfulness Stories of Self-Realisation’ (2018). Much of our discussion will gather ideas and momentum from these two books. However, Francis is a prolific writer; his other books require the same esteem and rigorous exploration.

Although his lifelong quest has brought him in contact with many outstanding spiritual teachers, friends and several masters and sages, one, in particular, Anthony de Mello, is credited with setting him on the path of awareness. Following the death of his mentor and guide, Francis worked as the director of Sadhana Institute in Lonavla, India, for fourteen years before spending two years as a visiting scholar at the University of Notre Dame.

Today, he resides in Dublin, Ireland, where he works as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, primarily focussing on individual and group psychotherapy, psychological and neuropsychological assessments, relationships and mindfulness.

Given the diversity of his background and work, there is so much that Dr Valloor has to offer our audience from an incredible range of personal and professional perspectives.


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02:18 An overview of Tony De Mello

06:39 The impact of Tony De Mello’s work in the US

10:07 The acceptance of Tony De Mello’s teachings today

16:49 The influence of Krishnamurti’s work on Francis Valloor

18:46 How Francis’ knowledge in various fields has contributed to his perspective on mindfulness and its importance in personal growth

24:23 The role of breathwork in mindfulness meditation

28:38 An introduction to breathwork

33:15 Francis’ journey as a clinical psychologist and how it has informed his views on mindfulness and its role in mental health

37:24 Exploring body-centered therapies

41:59 What is EMDR?

45:37 Tips to begin and sustain a meditation practice

49:56 The role of silence

54:32 Embodying vitality, aliveness, and stress-free efficiency in the workplace

01:03:21 Finding happiness in the everyday

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