Nutrition, performance and the key ingredients for success

Daniel Davey

Daniel Davey practices what he preaches, and in his line of work it’s the key ingredient for success in managing the diets of two of the country’s leading sports teams: Leinster Rugby and the Dublin senior footballers. He is a senior performance nutritionist and the one ultimately responsible for fueling the performance of some of Ireland’s leading athletes.

Daniel knows what it takes to play at the highest level having represented Sligo at Senior inter-county level, as well as winning an All-Ireland title with Ballyboden St.Enda’s in 2016.

As a practitioner and an athlete, he appreciates the intricacies of sports nutrition, an ever-evolving science, from both sides of the fence. His company and nutrition platform is called FoodFlicker which is currently being re branded to the new name of DaveyNutrition.

Davey also recently launched a recipe book called Eat Up; Raise Your Game available now in all good book stores.


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2:45 Daniel’s background and journey

5:00 Studies and first steps in the nutrition field

7:35 Understanding food

11:24 Working with athletes

16:00 The nutritionist’s role in a sports team

20:00 Amateur players

23:50 A holistic approach

29:35 Training

35:40 Individual variations

41:00 Calorie intake

48:50 The nutritionist and the rest of the team

52:30 Educating athletes

55:25 Nutrition ambassadors

Examples of players who push boundaries and show discipline:

1:00:30 On the road

1:01:25 Athletes’ diet when healing from an injury

1:04:40 Inflammation

1:06:16 Advice to young aspiring athletes

1:08:15 Athletes transitioning to retirement

1:11:50 Supplements

1:13:00 Daniel’s personal nutritional routine and experience with supplements

1:17:28 Tailoring nutrition

1:19:12 Concerns about supplements

1:20:20 Food and mental performance

1:24:05 Advice for newcomers

1:29:33 Technology

1:30:50 Advice for local teams

1:34:55 Other resources