Making sense of Brexit and the extraordinary times we live in

Diarmaid Ferriter

As Professor of Modern History in UCD, Diarmaid Ferriter is one of Ireland’s best-known historians. Diarmaid is also a regular broadcaster on television and radio and a weekly columnist with the Irish Times. In 2010 he presented a three-part history of twentieth century Ireland, ‘The Limits of Liberty’, on RTE television. A colossus of Irish academia, Diarmaid has written over twelve books on Irish history. His books include The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000, in 2007, Ferriter wrote the critically acclaimed biography, Judging Dev, which won in three categories of the 2008 Irish Book Awards. His most recent book, The Border, was published this year.

With Brexit, the backstop and the fate of the border uncertain, we are living in an extraordinary period. In a global context we also facing some of the most contentious political issues of our time with Trump, climate change and the move to right wing politics. 

Enjoy this wide ranging conversation with the renowned Irish historian on Brexit, the performance of politicians such as Boris Johnson, the EU and the Irish Government over the past few years, to technology, and the challenges faced with the movement from the written word, Ireland and it’s performance on climate and women’s issues, the GAA and its role in society today, and much more.


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2:45 Lessons learned from history

6:40 Historians and government

12:28 Brexit in a historical context

20:05 Westminster

21:25 Ireland’s voting system

24:30 The Tory party

28:30 Advisors

33:50 “Fake news” and social media

36:55 Education

39:30 Brexit’s current deal

45:57 Scottish independence

50:15 DUP power and influence

55:20 Dissidents

59:40 Brexit & Winston Churchill’s legacy

1:07:45 Personalities

1:10:40 The environment

1:13:18 The Green Party

1:15:30 GAA

1:19:45 Irish women

1:24:20 Rapid-fire questions