Lessons from a global performance expert

Fergus Connolly

Dr. Fergus Connolly (@Fergus_Connolly) is one of the world’s foremost human performance thought leaders and influencers.

Author of the bestselling book “Game Changer – The Art of Sports Science“, Fergus has applied performance science with leading sports, military, and business teams. He is the only coach to have full times roles in every major sport, including soccer (Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers), professional and college football (San Francisco 49ers and University of Michigan), rugby (Welsh national team) and elite military units.

In this conversation we explore the keys to good coaching, how to build successful teams and much much more. I hope you enjoy.


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1:27 Introducing Fergus and his major accomplishments

2:10 Tips for the Corona virus lockdown

4:15 Fergus’s early education

6:09 Advanced education

8:15 The human/technology balance in sport

10:32 The GAA

14:25 First steps in sports performance

16:03 Different sports in different countries

17:25 Dublin GAA

21:42 Jim Gavin’s legacy

26:10 The Liverpool team

28:45 The keys to good coaching

30:55 Creating good teams

33:39 Influencing without coaching

37:43 Coaching as plant-growing

40:10 Failure

44:33 Soft skills

46:55 Coaching and data

50:40 Corona lockdown

52:57 Training

54:00 Burnout

1:00:00 Injury

1:03:02 Professional academies

1:04:54 DaVinci as role model

1:06:57 US military

1:09:10 Sports performance myths

1:11:08 Working with the NFL

1:13:09 Resilience

1:15:33 Postponed sports events

1:17:39 Rapid-fire questions

Further Resources

More about Fergus Connolly’s work on his website www.fergusconnolly.com

Ted Talk: Leadership, Authenticity and Sheepdogs: https://www.ted.com/talks/fergus_connolly_leadership_vulnerability_and_sheep_dogs