Healthspan, Longevity and Interventions that Target the Aging Process with Matt Kaeberlein

Dr Matt Kaeberlein is a Professor of Pathology, Adjunct Professor of Genome Sciences, and Adjunct Professor of Oral Health Sciences at the University of Washington. His research is focused on the basic mechanisms of aging in order to facilitate translational interventions that promote healthspan and improve quality of life. 

Dr. Kaeberlein is also a co-director of the Dog Aging Project, in Washington, which is investigating the use of rapamycin as an intervention to enhance canine longevity.


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03:11 What drew Matt to studying the science of aging

05:26 Understanding healthspan

12:07 How much is known about the aging process?

15:47 How can people learn what is best for them in relation to their aging process?

25:30 The correlation between calorie restriction and healthspan

28:37 Are there reliable biomarkers to monitor the consequences of aging?

34:03 Are there any leading prescriptions or supplements that can help with aging?

42:13 What is rapamycin?

55:23 The Dog Aging Project

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