How to cultivate confidence into a superpower with Ian Robertson

In the second part of this interview with Ian Robertson we discuss confidence, and his most recent book ‘How Confidence Works: The New Science of Self-belief, Why Some People Learn it and Others Don’t’.

We discuss how confidence empowers action and why it is a bridge to the future – we review the implications of this and if we can we learn to be more confident and manage overconfidence. We also look at the role of confidence in sport, leadership, decision making, and stress is more useful than we think.

It was an extremely practical and insightful conversation that I found sheds new light on an old subject. Enjoy!


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03:11 What prompted Ian to write a book about confidence

04:32 What confidence looks like in a healthy individual

06:31 Measuring confidence in the brain

10:13 Anticipating and projecting future situations

11:11 Self-esteem, optimism and self-belief

15:11 Acting, feeling and being confident

17:48 How to gain confidence in a new area or skill

20:07 Why are some people more confident than others?

24:24 Confidence in children

30:08 Overcoming adversity

32:17 The role of doubt

36:14 What to do when there has been a big shake to your confidence

43:49 What is collective confidence?

45:45 Confidence in males vs. females

47:11 Finding the ‘sweet spot’ with stress

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