Introverts, extroverts and leadership

Karl Moore

Karl Moore is a true expert when it comes to introverts, extroverts – and ambiverts. He is an associate professor at McGill University and previously on the faculty of Templeton College at Oxford University for five years, where he remains an Associate Fellow. He has also taught on MBA and executive programs at Harvard Business School, Stanford, Duke, Oxford, Cambridge, LBS, to name a few. His most recent research projects are on introverted, ambiverted and extroverted leaders in the C-Suite.

In 2005, Business Strategy Review identified Moore among a group of the world’s greatest business thinkers. A 2011 article in The Globe and Mail listed him as one of the four top business professors in Canada. Before joining academia, he worked 12 years in sales and marketing management positions with IBM, Bull and Hitachi.

I’m truly excited to speak with Karl to learn more about his work and what changes we can expect to see with senior leadership in the post-pandemic world. Tune in as we explore why leaders need to be ambiverts, humble leadership, not being the smartest person in the room, defining purpose, and personality tests.


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03:43 Observing different business teaching styles in UK vs US

05:13 Working with Henry Mintzberg – a rebel in the business management field

09:43 A sign that we’re moving away from top-down management strategies

12:01 What changes we can expect to see with senior leadership in the post-pandemic world

15:48 Understanding ‘reverse mentoring’

23:24 The role of humility and authenticity in leadership

27:14 On introversion and extroversion

33:29 Traits in introverts that need to be more leveraged at work

41:59 Why we struggle to sit in silence

44:52 Learning to become more ambivert

49:21 The role of charisma in leadership

54:09 On classifying people through their personality types and tests

57:49 Learning from female leaders

01:01:10 What will the main challenges be with engagement at work, post-pandemic?

01:05:00 Working with people across 5 generations

01:09:46 How to future-proof your organisation

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