Positive psychology to achieve mental and emotional toughness

Lorna Lawless

Lorna Lawless is a coaching psychologist with over 10 years corporate coaching experience. She manages her own coaching business, Next Level Coaching. Lorna has a passion for positive psychology, specialising in emotional intelligence, mental toughness and flow state. She helps her clients focus on their strengths in order to achieve more.

Lorna has presented her research on emotional intelligence and work-related stress at international conferences. She has worked with an array of people including John Kavanagh, Irish MMA coach, who has coached the likes of Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson.


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03:37 Lorna’s ambition to run her own business

04:53 What drew Lorna to psychology

05:44 The difference between a coaching psychologist and a traditional psychologist

07:16 Successes from coaching psychology

10:28 The key elements of high performance psychology

13:07 The impact of coaching remotely

15:47 What makes a high performing team?

20:56 The components of lasting, sustainable change

23:01 The definition of mental toughness

35:46 Box breathing

37:15 The comfort zone

39:56 Common insights from psychometric testing

43:43 Coaching on the Wimp2Warrior program

48:08 How Mixed Martial Arts is great for the mind

50:57 The power of positive self-talk

58:34 Lessons from sport that can be brought into the workplace

01:01:41 Lorna’s interest in the Flow State

01:11:00 Popular coaching psychology questions Lorna asks her clients

01:18:33 The impact of the pandemic and people working from home

01:21:15 The ‘negative’ flow state

01:22:47The definition of emotional intelligence

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