Beyond Bias: Refining Our Decisions with Nuala Walsh

Nuala Walsh is a Behavioural Scientist, TEDx Speaker, Non-Executive Director, and award-winning former Executive with three decades in investment management, banking and consulting. She is the Founder and CEO of MindEquity and holds appointments as President of the Harvard Club of Ireland, Chair of the Innocence Project London and Founding Director of the Global Association of Applied Behavioral Scientists. 

Recognised among the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Finance, she held positions at Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, PA Consulting Group and Standard Life Aberdeen. She also served as Non-Executive Director at British & Irish Lions, former Vice-Chair at UN Women (UK), Deputy Chair of The Football Association’s Inclusion Advisory Board, and as an Advisor at World Athletics.

In her new book ‘Tune In: How to Make Smarter Decisions in a Noisy World’, Nuala argues that the most underrated risk facing humanity today is not economic, political or even climate risk – it’s human decision risk. To combat that risk, we must “tune in”. Nuala provides us with the framework for how to do so.


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02:31 Nuala Walsh’s background

05:29 The benefit of working in different disciplines and thought patterns

08:11 The power of quitting

13:24 What inspired Nuala to write ‘Tune In’?

19:21 What surprised Nuala most when researching for the book?

24:32 The impact of emotions in decision-making

29:10 The most common cognitive biases

35:03 Can unconscious bias ever be truly alleviated?

37:40 The pursuit of power

42:14 Advice for people about maintaining their identity to enable better decisions?

50:20 Short-term vs long-term thinking

54:24 Do better decisions come from subtraction?

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