The tactics, routines and influences of the GAA great

Paul Flynn

With six All-Ireland’s, 10 Leinster titles, five National Leagues, Paul Flynn will be remembered as one of Dublin’s all-time greats.

As well as earning four consecutive All-Stars, Paul was a central influence in the Dublin team from his debut in 2008 to his retirement in 2018.

In this period, he epitomised the resurgence of Dublin GAA and re-defined the role of wing forward in a period where elite GAA players brought the game to a new level.

In this podcast we talk through the tactics routines and strategies of an elite GAA player and what it takes, on and off the pitch, to perform at the highest standard.


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2:30 Paul Flynn’s career highlights

3:15 The GAA championship

4:35 Kerry’s performance

6:30 Dublin’s 5 consecutive All-Ireland wins

8:35 Watching from the sidelines during the finals

10:48 Recovering from a final

13:31 Strength and conditioning

15:39 The buildup to All-Ireland’s

17:40 Paul’s Dublin debut

20:27 College years

23:12 The Sigerson competition

25:15 Kicking

28:44 Manager Pat Gilroy

30:40 Dublin’s first All-Ireland win in 16 years

33:25 Wing forwards

35:35 Influences

38:34 Mickey Whelan

40:05 Losing to Mayo in the 2012 semifinals

42:34 2014: a pivotal year

47:00 Inside the dressing room at halftime

50:00 After the Donegal defeat

54:00 Process

56:10 Rules and team culture

58:35 Intelligence and sports

1:03:00 Jim Gavin’s managerial style

1:05:20 Winning his 4th All-Star in a row

1:07:55 Understanding short kick-outs

1:11:10 Prioritizing

1:13:58 Joining Pieta House

1:15:23 Wins and opponents

1:18:04 Turnover

1:20:10 Transitioning to the business world

1:23:15 Retirement

1:28:33 Other sporting organisations

1:30:33 Paul’s plans for the year