Rethinking the Workplace

Prof Deirdre O’Shea

Prof Deirdre O’Shea is Associate Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at the University of Limerick, a Fellow of the Psychological Society of Ireland and Chartered Work and Organizational Psychologist (I/O Psychologist). Her research focuses on work motivation and occupational health psychology. 

Her expertise is in the design and evaluation of psychological resource-based interventions, but her work also covers self-regulation, emotions and emotion regulation, and proactive behaviour, amongst others. 

She has published her research in top academic journals and is a regular contributor to national and international media outlets. In 2018, she was featured in the RTE documentary ‘Stressed’.


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02:23 The role and work of an Organisational Psychologist

04:16 Deidre’s focus on the individual level

05:27 The different types of motivation in the workplace

08:24 Are some people more intrinsically motivated than others?

10:42 The problems with personality tests

15:15 Identifying motivational triggers 

18:07 Where does the drive for achievement come from?

20:41 The role of incentives in goal achievement 

24:50 How long can motivation last?

29:10 Is the self-determination theory more prevalent in the post-covid workplace?

32:36 The relationship between goals and performance

37:46 How to ensure that your emotions are not sabotaging your motivation

43:02 Is autonomy at work more important than ever?

46:00 The role of positive reinforcement

47:04 How leaders can improve their transformational leadership skills

49:29 Hiring for cultural fit

54:17 How our lives outside of work impacts our wellbeing at work

58:56 What are the common signs of burnout?

01:02:50 How being in nature helps people on a psychological level

01:08:00 Being proactive versus reactive

01:12:22 Finding purpose in the work that you do

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