The psychology of success

Simon Hartley

For over 20 years Simon Hartley has helped athletes and business people throughout the world to get their mental game right. He has worked with gold medallists, world record holders, world champions and multiple championship winning teams. 

Simon has worked at the highest level of sport, including spells in professional golf, premiership football, tennis, motor sports, and with British Olympians. Since 2005 Simon has also applied the principles of sports psychology to business, education, healthcare and the charity sector. 

In addition Simon has become a highly acclaimed author and award winning professional speaker.


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2:35 Simon’s start in sports psychology

4:50 Mental toughness and composure

9:30 Drive and motivation

14:15 Nature vs nurture

19:55 Bad habits and unhealthy motives

24:00 The body-mind connection

27:05 Mental training and visualization

29:15 Pushing through discomfort

32:10 Coaching strategies

33:30 Negative voices and outlook

39:00 Advice to youth

42:45 Performance

48:40 Performing under pressure

52:55 Prep talks

57:35 Lessons learned for business

58:35 Character

1:03:00 Writing fiction

1:06:30 Hiring based on character traits

1:08:40 Great teams

The basic principles behind great teams:

1:11:15 Honesty and transparency within a team

1:12:50 Stronger together

1:15:15 Leadership

1:18:35 Remote teams

1:22:00 Arts sector teams

1:23:15 Notable teams

1:25:15 The future of sports psychology