The Global Guru on the Power of Slowing Down

Carl Honoré

Carl Honoré is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, TED speaker, Ageism Disruptor, and voice of the global Slow Movement. Carl travels the world to deliver powerful keynotes that put time and tempo in a whole new light. His counter-intuitive message is simple but game-changing: to thrive in a fast world, you have to slow down. 

Carl has written four books: ‘In Praise of Slow’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘The Slow Fix’, and ‘Bolder: Making the Most Of Our Longer Lives’. He lives in London but is originally from Canada. He is also an advisor to Jack Media and has presented on a variety of television series.


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02:45 Carl’s ‘aha moment’ with slowing down

07:56 At what age do we start to ‘speed up’?

09:02 The stigma around slowing down

13:35 How to disentangle ourselves from speed culture

17:33 Can we learn from other cultures about slowing down?

22:14 The benefits of slowing down

27:59 The pace of the Slow Movement Revolution

32:41 The gaps formed from slowing down

39:16 Are there signs that the world is slowing down?

43:49 The difference between mindfulness and the slow movement

46:22 Minimalism

52:36 Is slowing down a privilege?

56:18 The addiction to quick fixes

59:38 Ageism in society

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