Unlock the Secrets of Effective Communication with Matt Abrahams

Matt Abrahams is a leading expert in communication with decades of experience as an educator, author, podcast host, and coach. As a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, he teaches popular classes in strategic communication and effective virtual presenting. He hosts the award-winning podcast Think Fast, Talk Smart.

In his new book ‘Think Faster, Talk Smarter: How to Speak Successfully When You’re Put on the Spot’, he offers six steps to help improve your spontaneous speaking skills, including how to think faster, manage your anxiety, and structure everything from feedback to small talk to make it more engaging and productive for everyone involved.


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03:15 Why we are afraid of public speaking

05:55 How to manage our anxiety about public speaking

11:05 How to control negative self-talk

15:47 Letting go of perfectionism

18:22 How the simple word ‘because’ can influence people’s actions

21:17 Spontaneous speaking

28:13 How to blend in your listening skills whilst speaking

31:28 Overcome anxiety about public speaking by effectively structuring your speeches

35:10 How to make your messages memorable and emotionally resonant in speeches or presentations

38:35 The connection between storytelling and leadership communication

40:43 How to be less awkward with small talk

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