How to raise happy and successful children

David Coleman

Dr David Coleman is a clinical psychologist who specialises in children, teenagers, and emotional and psychological development. David is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Psychology in UCD.

He has over 20 years experience in child psychology and has used this expertise in his regular parenting segment on Today with Claire Byrne on Radio 1 and his column in the Irish Independent. David has hosted a number of Irish television shows and documentaries down through the years. These include Families in Trouble, 21st Century Child, Teens in the Wild and Families in the Wild. David won an IFTA for his documentary Bullyproof in 2013.

David’s three books were all bestsellers – ‘Parenting is Child’s Play’, ‘Parenting is Child’s Play: The Teenage Years’ and ‘The Thriving Family’.

He also runs two courses – ‘Scared Kids’ which helps children suffering with anxiety and ‘Headspace Adventures’ which is an adventure therapy programme for teenagers.

Tune in as we discuss building self-esteem and independence, dealing with bullying, and embracing mistakes.


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3:30 Being close to nature

12:30 What drew David to psychology

18:00 Building trust with teenagers

22:17 The success of his documentary ‘Bullyproof’

26:27 Creating the right environment for observational documentaries

29:00 Advice for a child that is bullied, and advice or steps that parents can take if it happens

33:39 Long-term effects of bullying

38:06 Helping to foster confidence in children and teenagers

41:38 The effect on people if they feel they weren’t loved when they were brought up

44:59 Impact of attachment from all types of parenting roles, e.g. same-sex, father, etc

56:02 What makes a ‘happy’ child?

59:35 Disciplining a child

1:06:40 How to support your child when they’re anxious

1:13:10 What can we do, as parents, to help our children adapt and be successful?

1:18:19 Role of empathy

1:25:32 How your relationship with your children changes

1:30:05 The striking the right balance between working from home together and being a family

1:34:03 Impact of teenagers and children’s re-socialising post-Covid

1:38:41 Launch of Headspace Ventures

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