From Script to Screen: BAFTA-winning Neasa Hardiman’s Visionary Path

My guest this week on the podcast is Neasa Hardiman. Neasa is a BAFTA-winning executive producer, director, entrepreneur and writer who has worked across the world on high-budget global film and TV projects. After making documentaries in Ireland, Neasa found success in the UK through children’s TV with Tracy Beaker Returns, for which she won her first BAFTA. Following that, she directed long-running soaps like Casualty and Holby City.

She won her second BAFTA in 2017 for directing the second season of the BBC smash hit, Happy Valley. She went on to work on the Marvel series Inhumans and Jessica Jones. Her feature film debut, Sea Fever, premiered in the prestigious Discovery Strand on the opening night of TIFF in 2019. And her latest show, We Were the Lucky Ones, is available on Hulu and Disney later this year.



03:03 The background to Neasa Hardiman’s career

05:41 Maintaining the huger for both the arts and academia

09:27 The interplay between curiosity, logic and creativity

11:25 What was it like leaving RTÉ?

15:57 What was it like growing up in a household maybe that was centred around media?

18:46 Neasa’s aspirations for RTÉ’s future

21:45 Moving to documentary making and choosing which project to work on

29:03 Does winning a BAFTA impact your way of working?

38:46 Directing a feature versus a drama series

43:31 What was it like creating ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’?

50:56 From a director’s perspective, what do you look for in actors you’re going to work with?

52:59 Learning from leadership in filmmaking

58:23 The gender dynamic in the TV and film industry today

Links mentioned: 

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We Were the Lucky Ones

Sea Fever


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