Lars Schmidt: Redefining HR and Empowering the Next Generation of People Leaders

Lars Schmidt is a well-known expert and practitioner in the field of HR and talent acquisition. He is the founder of Amplify, a consulting firm that helps organizations build more inclusive and effective workplaces. 

Prior to founding Amplify, Lars served in senior HR leadership roles at companies such as Ticketmaster and NPR. He is also the co-founder of the HR Open Source (HROS) movement, which is a global community of HR professionals dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources to advance the practice of HR. 

Lars is a regular speaker at conferences and events and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company. He is the author of ‘Redefining HR’ and host of the Redefining HR podcast and media series.


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02:09 What inspired Lars to start Amplify?

04:11 What trends Lars is seeing through his consulting business that are impacting HR and talent acquisition

07:16 What skills or competencies do you think in particular HR professionals or more generally business leaders need to have to succeed?

09:35 Defining performance in the workplace

11:28 A new vision of HR transforming the workplace

15:45 Drawing from a wide range of influences and experiences in his book ‘Redefining HR’

18:01 For HR leaders who want to think critically about their current processes, where is the best place to start?

22:08 What is the most interesting or unexpected thing you’ve learned from that community since you founded the HR Open? 

24:32 With any HR or business leader, who would you have dinner with? Past or present

25:53 Strategies for engaging and motivating your team today, including hybrid working in environments

31:59 What’s the big myth buster around performance in the workplace? 

33:37 How can you create a more diverse and inclusive culture? What strategies have you seen work?

42:41 The concept of the employee experience

46:41 Some innovative or unconventional performance management practices

49:13 The biggest indicators of employee satisfaction

50:19 Will artificial intelligence and automation change the workplace?

52:45 The key elements of a positive organizational culture: what are the steps that people should take if they want to create one? 

54:59 Some of the common barriers that prevent organizations from achieving pay equality generally

57:19 Some key attributes of good leadership

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