CFO & Audit Chair

A successful relationship between CFO and audit chair requires credibility, transparency, and trust.

Our Focus Areas

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Today’s Financial Officers must shoulder a seemingly endless range of responsibilities. They must fend off activist investors, comply with accounting and regulations and financial mandates and manage global capital flows. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is often tasked with the oversight of transformation, innovation, and other far-reaching initiatives. Further, the financial function itself is undergoing significant changes, becoming more automated and capable of providing rich analytic insights for those who can harness the data.

Common Purpose

This change requires a new type of Financial Officer. These leaders must be adaptable, innovative, and fast-thinking. The CFO must not only lead but push for better performance, generate insights for the rest of the C-suite, and stand as the Chief Executive Officer’s closest advisor. At Steering Point, our Financial Officers Practice works hand-in-hand with the board and chief executives of all ownership structures — publicly and privately held companies, private equity portfolio companies, and family-owned businesses — to help them identify, develop, and recruit the financial leaders of the future. Because we come directly from industry, we can leverage our experience and networks to help build entire finance leadership teams — including Controllers, Treasurers, Heads of Tax, Investor Relations, Corporate Development, and Internal Audit. We also design succession plans and build a pipeline of internal CFO


We have the connections, reputation, reach and technology to help you find the right finance leadership team. We will help create a finance function that serves as a key strategic resource to both the CEO and the board.