Interim Talent

Immediate needs sometimes require immediate solutions, which is why we offer interim talent solutions to help organisations confidently navigate transitional periods.

Our experienced interim managers possess the expertise necessary to hit the ground running, providing seamless continuity and ensuring that progress towards long-term goals remains on track.

Our approach to filling temporary gaps is based on three independent focus areas that can be prioritised or interconnected depending on the context. These short-term searches tend to be time-sensitive, with a critical juncture at hand, utility-oriented to fulfil multiple roles and specialised for addressing isolated or niche factors or unforeseen circumstances and issues.

While many executive search firms globally offer similar services to help clients fill urgent gaps in their leadership teams, what sets us apart is our commitment to delivering the same level of quality and attention to detail to interim talent mandates as we do to our long-term executive searches. We recognise that immediate requirements demand a prompt response and a well-crafted plan, and our team works in tandem with clients to ensure that their interim solutions are aligned with their long-term objectives.

By focusing on both long-term strategies and short-term solutions, we help our clients achieve their goals while building a strong foundation for future success. Our dedication to strategic planning and precision enables us to deliver results that meet our client’s needs, whether they require immediate interim talent or a long-term executive search.

Our Focus Areas


At Steering Point, we understand that time is a valuable and finite resource, and sometimes, mission-critical moments require urgent action. That’s why we offer independent professionals as a pragmatic solution to fill or supplement key roles at these time-sensitive junctures.

Budgeting for more staff is often a long-term solution, but when time is of the essence, interim talent mandates can help clients secure and implement personnel with the principal experience and expertise needed to make a difference immediately. Our focus on providing tailored, high-quality solutions for clients in urgent situations sets us apart from other executive search firms and ensures that we can deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Agile Talent Acquisition

At Steering Point, we understand that our clients’ needs are constantly changing, and sometimes they require flexible solutions that can adapt to meet their evolving requirements. Our standing networks of executive and managerial candidates are a testament to our agility and adaptability and can be deployed strategically in a variety of ways.

Our search consultants are equipped with cutting-edge technology and have access to satellite networks that supplement and enlarge our existing candidate pool, ensuring that we can provide tailored solutions to our client’s most pressing needs. Our ability to source candidates quickly and efficiently sets us apart from other executive search firms, and our dedication to providing high-quality service means that we always deliver results that exceed expectations.

Complex Talent Acquisition

At Steering Point, we understand that business needs can change in the blink of an eye. Unforeseen circumstances or market fluctuations can dictate the need for specialised talent with unique abilities. That’s why our extensive standing and on-demand networks allow us to source candidates with rare or highly specific skill sets.

Our team of experienced search consultants is dedicated to finding candidates who possess the technical qualifications for the role and the personal qualities and cultural fit that align with our client’s needs. Our ability to navigate the complexities of specialised talent acquisition ensures that our clients receive the best possible results, even in the most challenging of circumstances.