Simon Horton Negotiation Expert


A Master Class in Negotiation with Simon Horton

Simon Horton is the founder of Negotiation Mastery, a center of excellence in the world of negotiation. He has taught the subject of negotiation all around the globe, to hostage negotiators, top banks, law firms and many other blue chip global players. He is a Visiting Lecturer at Imperial College and at the Royal College of Art, and has taught at Oxford University, Birkbeck, and the Skolkovo School of Management in Moscow. His long list of famous clients includes Goldman Sachs, Nike, Pepsi and Lloyds amongst many, many others.

His first  book, ‘The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation’ was published in April 2016 by The Financial Times and his most recent book, ‘Change Their Mind: 6 steps to persuade anyone anytime’ won a ‘Highly Commended’ award at the Business Book Awards 2023.


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02:40 How Simon has based his career around negotiation

05:58 Is negotiation now more vital than ever?

08:29 Can the principles from high stakes negotiations be applied to people’s everyday lives?

16:02 What Simon learnt from writing his second book

25:15 Persuasion versus manipulation

35:39 Being clear on long-term goals

36:59 Cheeky asks

43:05 Looking out for subtle clues

49:04 Personality types and profiling

53:36 Is there any advice around multicultural negotiations that people need to specifically take into mind?

57:16 How do you negotiate with people across video channels?

01:00:11 What’s the difference between the two shift and support responses?

01:03:53 Techniques for there to be no power shift

01:08:48 Co-creating the solution

01:14:58 Finding the right moment to just get the agreement over the line

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