Russia Ukraine Conflict – Why and What Next

Constantin Gurdgiev

Russian Economist, Constantin Gurdgiev discusses the Russian Ukraine conflict on today’s 1% Podcast.

Constantin was ranked 39th of the 100 most influential living economists by IEB (the Institute of Stock Market Studies) in 2020. He is an expert in the areas of finance, macroeconomics and risk and provides in-depth analysis and insights to private industry via his consultancy and advisory practice. He is also a Professor of Finance for both Trinity College Dublin and the University of Northern Colorado.

In this fascinating conversation Constantin delves into the mindset of the Russian people, the inner workings of the Kremlin, Putin’s potential objectives and how this conflict could possibly play out.


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03:06 Constantin’s childhood years being brought up in Moscow

09:22 How it feels to be Russian

16:09 Constantin’s approach to making decisions

24:31 The impact of imposing sanctions on Russia

38:32 The impact of consumerism on the traditional Russian mindset of supporting the State

44:42 Do we know what Putin’s objectives are with the war?

52:45 Is there a point of no return for Putin?

57:31 If the war ended, how quickly can things bounce back economically, politically and socially?

01:10:48 What’s at stake with the 2024 US elections

01:17:07 Finding the right information online

01:25:54 How Ireland is doing after the 2008 crisis

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