Unlocking the secrets of facial expression

Dan Hill

Dr Dan Hill an internationally recognised facial coding expert and author of 5 books on the topic, who unlocks emotional attributes through face reading and has gained performance and communication insights for professional sports bodies in addition to corporate organisations through his consultancy Sensory Logic.

Some of the work he is best know for is his extensive and fascinating study into the facial expressions of public figures such as politicians (particularly US presidents), celebrities and even paintings. In this week’s edition of The 1% Podcast we get into detail on facial expression and body language in our personal lives, in the workplace and in public life, discuss the recent US Presidential Inauguration and Dan’s views on Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and other intriguing topics like how to spot a liar.

It’s an engaging discussion filled with Dan’s unique insights into human behaviour as well as tips on how we can all learn to use facial decoding to help to understand the people around us better.


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3:09 The impact of moving from North Dakota to a little Italian fishing village as a child

4:56 His experience of seeing the paintings of Rembrandt for the first time

10:21 Transitioning into his career of facial decoding

15:25 Using facial decoding in sport

19:34 The role of emotions in sport

23:08 How facial coding reveals a person’s character

26:32 Why humans take more from sensory than verbal signals

29:00 How to determine if somebody is trustworthy or not

32:41 Anticipation can’t be facially decoded

34:52 Genuine vs artificial emotions

39:14 How to spot a liar

43:43 Reading people’s faces when they’ve convinced themselves about something

47:01 How can body language help enhance our understanding of someone’s facial expressions?

49:08 ‘Thin slicing’ concept in psychology

55:26 Can we trust Joe Biden from his recent inauguration speech?

1:00:48 His observations of Trump’s characteristics

1:07:33 What attracts people to Trump?

1:12:51 How Barack Obama’s face changed over the course of his presidency

1:15:15 The emotions we’re bad at spotting in others

1:19:45 The role of contempt

1:23:18 How to start developing your emotional EQ

1:28:14 Having an emotional goal

1:33:43 Analysing Mona Lisa’s face

1:39:14 Teaching children facial coding from a young age

1:41:29 Is it possible for someone to not show any emotion?

1:44:39 How can we master fear?

1:47:10 The future of facial recognition in technology

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