Exploring the Perfect Fit: Insights on Workplace Culture and Personal Growth with Dr. André Martin

Dr André Martin is an organisational psychologist and author of the book ‘Wrong Fit, Right Fit – Why How We Work Matters More Than Ever’. It seeks to solve the crisis of commitment in the modern workplace, positing that the issue isn’t good or bad culture, but the fit between our ideal way of working day-to-day and that of the companies we join.

He has spent over 20 years as the Chief Talent Officer of iconic brands such as Mars, Nike, Google, and Target. Now, acting as an operating advisor, coach, and consultant, André continues to counsel leaders and founders to peak performance.


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02:45 The impetus for Dr André Martin writing the book ‘Wrong Fit, Right Fit’

05:19 Why we’re losing productivity in the workforce

08:30 Aligning values for talent acquisition

10:35 What is a Wrong Fit and Right Fit

13:24 The principles of Wrong Fit, Right Fit

23:15 The focus is more on fitting in than the right fit

26:24 The relationship between alignment and autonomy

29:11 The psychology of Right Fit

32:57 How to get out of a Wrong Fit situation

39:02 How can you assess a company’s culture in the interview process?

44:13 Reverse engineering the Wrong Fit

47:28 Some key concepts from ‘Wrong Fit, Right Fit’

50:53 Will AI make work more meaningful?

55:33 What is good management and what does it look like?

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