Maximising human potential

Enda McNulty

Enda played on the Armagh team that won the All Ireland in 2002, and was awarded an All Star that year and won seven Ulster titles with that team. Enda earned degree in psychology from Queens University Belfast and a degree in Sports Science from University of Ulster.

He worked for 7 years as performance coach to the Leinster rugby team that won three European Heineken Cups in 5 years. He also coached Olympic and professional sportsmen and women like Brian O’Driscoll, Seán O’Brien, Johnny Sexton, Annalise Murphy, Paul Galvin and David Gillick.

Off the field, with his own leadership consultancy firm he has worked with a wide array of corporate clients in Ireland, Europe, North America and Asia and has successfully delivered unique motivational programmes on human performance, leadership, team performance and mental toughness to companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Merck, Kelloggs, Google, Lidl, and Morgan Stanley. In 2017 Enda published Commit: Make Your Mind and Body Stronger and Unlock Your Full Potential.


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3:12 Early years

9:38 The Armagh team

12:42 How Irish football has changed

14:39 Advice to returning coaches post-COVID

16:51 Moonshot goals

21:02 New clients

27:22 Growth/fixed mindset

32:01 Setting goals

35:02 The mental side of performance

38:50 Getting out of your comfort zone

41:10 Trying softer not harder

44:27 Motivation

47:32 Taking ownership

49:17 Negative self-talk

57:08 Self-improvement

58:55 Transitioning to coaching and business

1:02:47 Motivating remote staff

1:06:22 Leadership

1:10:37 Lessons from sport to business

1:18:12 Mental toughness

1:22:06 Triggers

1:24:27 Current curiosities

1:28:25 Final advice