From Creative Visionary to World-Renowned Artist: The Inspiring Journey of Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is an individual whose unconventional life journey has been marked by numerous successes in various fields. 

From his early days as a promising young athlete to becoming an entrepreneur and co-founder of the renowned, multi-Cannes-winning creative agency Rothco, which was later acquired by Accenture in 2017, Paul has consistently demonstrated a unique and innovative approach to life. Today, he is an internationally acclaimed artist.  

Paul’s artwork is characterised by a fusion of the post-World War II New York City abstract art movement and his own uniquely expressive techniques, showcasing his adaptability and creative prowess.

With an ever-growing international reputation and a series of successful exhibitions in cities like London, Hong Kong, and Dublin, Paul is now preparing for his upcoming show in New York. This exciting event promises to be yet another significant milestone in his remarkable artistic journey.


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02:49 The story behind the founding of Rothco

13:01 Combining the creative and practical execution of work in advertising

19:12 Why name the agency ‘Rothco’

21:22 Rothko’s work as meditative

24:27 The acquisition of Rothco by Accenture in 2018

34:00 Paul’s artistic journey

46:57 The journey to becoming an abstract artist

55:52 The role of the audience and personal expression

01:14:25 On his exhibition Bastard Blue

01:17:01 The role of fear

01:26:48 The power of doing