Career, Brexit, the EU and a future in politics

Helen McEntee


It was great to get the opportunity to speak with the Minister of State for European Affairs Helen McEntee in a week where one of the most important national issues of the last 50 years is being debated in Ireland, the UK, and across Europe.

Minister McEntee has held the European Affairs portfolio since 2017 a big part of which placed her at the center of the EU negotiations around the Withdrawal Agreement.

In this episode, Minister McEntee reflects on her early days in politics, being a woman in politics, her thoughts on being both European and Irish, her future in politics, and of course ―Brexit.


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2.15   Early years

5.48   Being a woman in politics

10.32   Her work on Mental Health 

15.57   On Europe and being European

20.25   The EU

33.28   Brexit

41.40   Challenges facing the EU

43.40   Work life balance the thoughts on her future