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Joey Boland

Joey Boland is a former Dublin hurler and founder of Sports Physio Ireland, which provides physio care for the Dublin hurlers, as well as various club teams in the capital.

In recent weeks Boland took the decision to close his sports physiotherapy clinic but he and his staff were determined to continue looking after their clients. Boland and his team are using various modes of communication to continue the rehabilitation work with their clients who may be stuck at home for the foreseeable future. Everything they do is done online now – personal training, physio, injury rehab.

We talk all about how he is training the current generation of athletes through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Joey has also kindly provided access to a free online training session, available here.


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1:31  Joey Boland introduction

4:10 Where Joey’s passion comes from and who influenced it

6:08 Host’s memory of his early life and attended matches

6:51 Growing up in Dublin vs. living in the countryside

7:55 Meaning of Gaelic heritage

9:10 How are players training during the quarantine

14:30 Inter-country managers’ approach to players after the lockdown

15:45 Championship 2020

18:45 Proper consulting for players

20:21 Memories of the first senior game

22:23 Creating and teaching a young team

23:43 Working with managers

26:06 Creating culture

28:30 Discussion about Final in 2013

30:29 “Dublin Hurling” brand

36:20 What needs to be done so that Dublin wins in Ireland

39:23 Discussion about Kilkenny and Dublin development process

42:33 Retirement from sport and loss of identity

47:12 Discussion about lack of senior hurling clubs in Dublin

47:39 Outstanding players

51:55 Coaching experienced players

58:14 Services offered and change of business during virus

1:05:00 Steps to learn about an individual or a team

1:06:13 Pareto principle in teams

1:08:47 What to look at in players

1:10:31 Using analytics and technology in sports

1:13:28 What should players focus on in a specific age

1:15:22 Preparation of a player during the lockdown

1:16:37 Preparation of intra-country team

1:18:20 What could improve the game

1:20:15 Discussion about a hand pass

1:22:12 How to help players to realize their potential

1:24:45 A performance advice

1:25:52 Advice for young players

Further Resources

More about Joey Boland’s work on his website: https://sportsphysioireland.com/

Access a free online training session with Joey, available here.