Personal Leadership Through a Performance Mindset

Laura Piccardi

Laura Piccardi is the author of ‘Unfaked’ and the founder of Uppy. She is a professional speaker, international stress management expert and personal performance coach. Her mission is to improve the statistics of lifestyle-related diseases and levels of stress that are the result of the high-pressure busy lives that we live today. 

Her own experience with burnout and losing her business inspired the work she does today. She now has her own methodology that she uses with her clients so they can take back control and live healthy, full lives. Her life philosophy is: “have fun and get sh*t done.”


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03:32 The start of Laura’s entrepreneurial journey

11:04 Some of the major signs of burnout

14:04 The gut’s link with stress

16:13 Why we live in a culture of not finding the root cause of health problems

18:49 Tuning into your ‘gut feeling’

21:10 Why society is so fixated with productivity and being busy

22:50 How to make real, sustainable lifestyle changes 

29:58 What wellbeing looks like at a societal level

31:43 Burnout across different cultures

33:01 The mind-body connection to stress

39:52 The difference between cause and effect

41:45 Practicing meditation

46:40 Advice on body image and having a healthy diet

52:23 Laura’s experience of writing the book ‘Unfaked’

56:04 On journaling

58:54 The impact of relationships on our health

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